Casting Your Memories

Capturing the magical memories of families in 3d sculptures


Baby Hunters Display Frame

Baby Hands, Feet & Bum Castings 

You may choose to have your child's sculpture framed with or without a photo, one hand and foot or both hands and feet, you may want a birth certificate, or their belly button clip and hospital bracelet or their hands, feet and their Bum included in your display the options are endless and entirely up to you!

Lacey's Baby Body Casting

Ultimate Baby Body Casts 

The perfect way to remember just how small your little one was when they came into this world.‚Äč

Sibling Frame in gold

Sibling Castings 

Thinking your children are to old? Then guess again! We can do sibling frames, Have the whole family in the one frame. No frame to big or to small...

Cat - Yes this is a fur baby and yes someone got their cat done

 Fur Baby Casting 

Pet Castings are the best way to keep your forever memories of your beloved fur baby.  

Unique gift
Unique Gift Ideas

  • Crystal Clear Castings 
  • Wedding & Anniversary Hands 
  • Personalised Wooden Gifts      
  • Crystal Clear Night Lights
  • Christmas Ornaments 
  • Gift Certificates Available